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Stealth Communications Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies As Payment Methods

NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Stealth communications, a New York CityGigabit Internet Service Provider, today announced that it now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC cryptocurrencies as a new form of payment from all of its commercial customers.

Customers can now easily complete traditional check, ACH, or wireline transactions and instead use cryptocurrency to pay for fiber-optic internet and other fiber-based services. This method enables faster, more secure, profitable and programmable transactions between Stealth Communications and its customers.

“Cryptocurrencies now provide us with a streamlined, convenient and robust alternative for our customers to avoid traditional cumbersome payment systems,” said Pandit Shrihari, President and CEO of Stealth Communications. “This shift to digital currencies is a natural development for us. We are excited about the opportunities that cryptocurrencies will provide and hope to see more businesses embrace this innovative payment method.”

Stealth Communications provides connectivity services to a broad list of telecom, finance, real estate, education and government customers through its 80 mile fiber optic system in New York City, connecting hundreds of commercial office buildings.

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About Stealth Communications
Stealth Communications, a private and independent ISP, provides ultra-fast Gigabit Internet connectivity to businesses in New York City through its own fiber optic system. From 1995, Stealth provided broadband connections throughout the city. Since receiving authorization from New York City in 2013, Stealth began building its fiber network, built block by block. Stealth offers some of New York’s fastest and most reliable internet services at reasonable rates, providing a valuable platform for that of New York businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive.

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