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Some Metro water bills show 0 consumption, minimum amount due | Davidson County

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – It’s a bill hundreds of Nashville homeowners dread receiving. For many, it’s double or even triple what it was just a few months ago.

Some people get water bills that show no consumption with a minimum amount owed, while others are still paying hundreds of dollars more per month than usual.

“Maybe we’re not the problem. Maybe they’re the problem, ”said Sarah Grant.

Grant wants to know why some customers are not billed for their water consumption.

A customer sent News4 Inquiry about a $ 20 water bill showing 0 for usage amount. The previous month, the same thing happened.

In fact, for several months now, this client has been paying the minimum amount while others like Grant are paying triple what they were previously paying.

“You would think that would put red flags in people’s water system, like, people are using 0. It seems impossible,” Grant said.

Then there are others that are billed over $ 1,100 where the usage is clearly indicated.

A spokesperson for Metro Water Services told News4 that in this case, the customer’s meter was dead, causing the meter to read incorrectly. Metro Water Services was not aware until informed by News4.

Customers are wondering what other mistakes might be happening.

“The least they can do is try to get billing correct and look internally to see where the gaps are, like it’s weird, like we have the problem,” one customer said. .

Metro Water continues to say that the main reason for the increase is due to the new pricing structure.

News4 asked how many invoices show 0 usage where customers pay less than they probably should and how this affects others. Metro Water Services did not respond with these responses.

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