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PS3 and PS Vita to remove PS Store payment methods

Sony will keep the PS3 and PS Vita storefronts to remove open PS Store payment methods, as was recently guaranteed, but it seems the trade-off is that it will eliminate most of the gadget financing techniques locally. What is the significance here, then, at this time? In fact, starting October 27, you will no longer be able to purchase games using a credit card or check, PayPal, or any comparable payout strategy.

Here are the ways it will work: You’ll have the option to top up your PS Store wallet using gift certificates or any of the options mentioned above on a PC, smartphone, PS5, or PS4. You will then be able to use the money allocated to your file to purchase games on your PS3 and PS Vita. That way, there are a few extra ways needed here, but that’s superior to the other option – which was, obviously, an extremely lasting conclusion.

We will accept that everything is related to security. Sony presumably no longer has any desire to follow the payout base of what it considers legacy consoles, so eliminating this feature gives it something less to stress. The good thing is that you will in any case be able to purchase computerized PS3 and PS Vita games for a long time.

As of October 27, customers will no longer be able to use a credit or debit card, or PayPal, to purchase digital content or top up their PlayStation Store wallet directly from their PS3 or Vita.

All other things being equal, to continue purchasing content from particular PlayStation Stores, customers must use a personal computer, mobile phone, PS3, and PS Vita to remove PS Store payment methods.

Starting with the October PS Plus games, players can still purchase DLC from in-game stores, but must do so using Wallet Reserves.

After some further thought, however, we obviously made the wrong decision here. So today I’m happy to say that we’ll keep the PlayStation Store up and running for the PS3 and PS Vita gadgets. The PSP enterprise feature will step down on July 2, 2021 as scheduled.

By the time we came to the decision to end the purchase of support for PS3 and PS Vita, it was built from various components, including difficulties in commercial support for more established gadgets and the ability to we zero in more of our assets on more current gadgets that more of our players play. We find that many of you are unquestionably passionate about having the opportunity to continue purchasing exemplary games on PS3 and PS Vita for years to come, so I’m glad we’ve had the opportunity to experience a solution to continue operations.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has stated that it will phase out Visa, charge card and PayPal payment techniques from PS3 and PS Vita stores on October 27, 2021. After that date, customers may have the option to include the reservations of the aforementioned steps with the PlayStation Store giveaway. vouchers. The organization has also guaranteed that immediate payments with PayPal, Visas and payment cards will still be accessible on PS4, PS5, PC and laptop storefronts.

This change will apply to all regions of the world, but it will have an additional consequence in Japan. Acquiring titles with a CERO Z rating on advanced stages in Japan, including the PS3 and Vita, requires a visa to verify the customer’s age. The Japanese help page has confirmed that purchasing age-limited games on stages will currently no longer be possible after this update. However, existing owners of these titles can still download the games and purchase their particular DLC.

Sony Interactive Entertainment initially wanted to close the PS3 and PS Vita stores to remove the PS Store payment methods between July and August 2021. In any case, it withdrew from the decision after massive customer reviews. The PS3 and Vita stores have been open for a long time. Only the PSP store covered as planned in July 2021.

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