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Duke Energy Sends Estimated Bills With Almost Triple Amount Due

Duke Energy Sends Estimated Bills With Almost Triple Amount Due

Updated at 2:30 p.m.
Duke Energy Suspends Late Payment Fees, Estimated Bills, and Disconnections During Florida Storm Restoration

Duke Energy announced today that it is suspending late payment charges and estimated bills for its $ 1.8 million Florida customers as it continues to restore power to the state.

The company is continuing its suspension of non-chargeable disconnections, which was put in place at the start of the storm.

“We’re all on the bridge with catering, and stopping these actions gives customers one less reason to worry. This allows Duke Energy to focus on what matters – turning on the lights and helping to rebuild communities and lives, ”said Harry sideris, president of Duke Energy in Florida.


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IONTB has received copies of statements showing that Duke Energy has estimated energy consumption for many customers.

These estimates reflect usage that is approximately three times the typical usage of these customers.

It mainly affects customers who had to have their meters read as Hurricane Irma approached.

No comments were received from Duke Energy, but a customer was instructed by telephone to pay the bill in full. Customers have been told this will be corrected with next month’s meter reading.

IONTB recommends contacting Duke Energy to provide them with the actual meter reading for a more accurate bill. Also, ask them not to charge your electronic payment method which you may have on file.

Hopefully Duke Energy will not debit customers’ accounts with the wrong amount leading to possible overdraft situations.

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