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Columbia Water customer charged ten times normal amount due to system error

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – For 30 years, Theresa Seaberg has had no problems with her water meter. That is, until she receives her last bill on Saturday.

“The bill was over $ 1,000,” Seaburg said. “It was $ 1,063.39.”

Theresa and her husband are the only two living in the house, and she says they haven’t done anything in the past month that would have caused their bill to be ten times the usual amount.

She called a plumber to make sure there was no leak, then called Columbia Water to try to figure out what was wrong. Initially, he was told that they would still have to foot the bill.

“That we had to make a payment for, you know, keeping the water,” she said.

It was then that she wrote to WIS. We contacted Columbia Water on Wednesday afternoon, and shortly thereafter, representatives corrected Seaberg’s bill.

We contacted Columbia Water and they told us that Seaberg had been “incorrectly billed” after their “information was not updated appropriately” in the customer billing database when a new counter has been installed.

Representatives say they have apologized and the bill has been corrected. Columbia Water officials recommend that all customers with a new meter download the “Eye On Water” app, which allows customers to track real-time water usage as well as set up notifications. leak. They can register here.

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