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If there are any missing dunning checks, you should know that the IRS always sent the 3rd Payments. Citizens of the United States of America who qualified to receive stimulus money can now verify or track the missing 1st, 2sd, or 3rd Payment. There could be quite a few issues with the missing stimulus control […]

Payment methods

Stealth Communications Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies As Payment Methods

NEW YORK, April 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Stealth communications, a New York CityGigabit Internet Service Provider, today announced that it now accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC cryptocurrencies as a new form of payment from all of its commercial customers. Customers can now easily complete traditional check, ACH, or wireline transactions and instead use […]

Payment methods

What are the best payment methods for sports betting?

The sports betting industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It was worth $ 270 million in 2017, but is expected to grow to around $ 87.75 billion by 2024. While the specificities of the industry vary from one country to another, the needs of the players are the same. One […]

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Columbia Water customer charged ten times normal amount due to system error

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – For 30 years, Theresa Seaberg has had no problems with her water meter. That is, until she receives her last bill on Saturday. “The bill was over $ 1,000,” Seaburg said. “It was $ 1,063.39.” Theresa and her husband are the only two living in the house, and she says they […]